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Licensed and Responsible Auto Body & Collision Repair in Greeley, CO

Northern Colorado Collision is a leading provider of auto body & collision repair in Greeley, CO. Locally-based and independently operated, we’ve attended to the automotive needs of our customers with the highest level of excellence for over 25 years. Our team consists of certified professionals who continue their education throughout their careers, updating their skills according to changing times and demands. Customers trust us most to deliver strict quality control procedures that adhere to OEM standards, ensuring your vehicle is a safe and comfortable as possible. You’ll feel confident knowing that the most responsible team of professionals are caring for you, your family, and your vehicle.

An Independent Non-DRP Shop

Unlike many automotive and repair shops, we are accountable to our customers and their needs, not insurance companies.

Non-DRP shops preserve your right to choose which body shop is right for you. We remain independent from insider insurance networks that dictate where their customers go for repairs. By choosing us for your needs, you’ll stay in control of your body shop experience.

Aside from your independence, non-DRP shops are safe and trustworthy. You’ll never have to worry about mechanics cutting corners or hastily servicing your vehicle to save insurance companies money. As a non-DRP shop, we take pride in performing safe repairs with integrity and honesty.

We are committed to servicing you, the customer, and delivering a safer, efficient, comfortable vehicle.

Quality Services for Your Needs

Our team has spent their entire careers learning and growing within the industry, and we deploy our knowledge and expertise to provide the finest vehicle services in the area. Whether you need a collision repair, a refurbished paint job, a detailed restoration, and beyond, our team possesses the cutting-edge equipment and expert skills to deliver an excellent service for your vehicle. Our team will guide you throughout the process, determining your repair costs with an online or in-person estimate and deciding the best course of action for you. Our team is here for your complete customer service and satisfaction.

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